Screengrab from Redline 2021 Trailer
Cinematography by Dimitri Zaunders, Production Design by Camille Ostrowsky

ATE LOVIA (Ah-Teh Low-Viya)  is currently in development and will have a season at the Old Fitz Theatre produced by kwento in association with Redline Productions

A workshop development on 5-9 July 2021  was supported by National Theatre of Parramatta (NToP)

New season dates to be announced shortly.



John Howard has won.
Pauline Hanson is sworn in.


Lovia slaves away at the checkout at Franklins. Her brother Vergel, wins a spectacular role in the fabulous world of community theatre. Their father Jovy passes out under the hills hoist in the backyard of their home in the Sutherland Shire in a habitual alcoholic binge, propelled by the trauma of a crumbling democracy in the Philippines.


Lovia navigates the rapidly dissipating relationship between her father, while Vergel yearns to express himself under suffocating masculine expectations. Soon, Jovy’s erratic behaviour escalates, and their safety is compromised. Lovia and Vergel find close allies, former showgirl Wendy, and idealistic Franklin’s co-worker, Mitch. Both hungry to escape suburbia for a bigger picture, the one Vergel and Lovia always wanted since coming here.
Ate Lovia is a new Australian work that interrogates an evolving Australian migrant dream, and the decisions we need to make to sustain ourselves in a rapidly changing landscape.



Director Kenneth Moraleda
Writers  Jordan Shea
Production Designer Ruru Zhu
Lighting Designer Martin Kinane
Composer, Sound Designer Michael Toisuta
Assistant Director Happy Feraren
Choreographer: TBC
Stage Manager Jana Vass
Dramaturgical Support Callan Purcell
Intimacy Coordinator: Shy Magsalin
Community Engagement: Marcus Rivera and Michael Moraleda


Lovia  Chaya Ocampo
Vergel Joseph Raboy
Jovy Felino Dolloso
Mitch Callan Purcell
Wendy Anna Lee