Looking for Cast, Crew & Creatives Positions
The Marriage Agency is a paid opportunity, profit share with a partial up-front payment.

Audition Applications Close: 4th of June 2021
Auditions: 19th of June 2021 – 20th of June 2021 *
Acceptance Responses: week of the 21st of June 2021
Rehearsals: 12th of July 2021 – 15th of August 2021*
Technical Rehearsals: 18th of August 2021 – 19th of August *
Previews: 20th of August 2021 – 24th of August 2021
Opening Night: 25th of August 2021
Season: 26th of August 2021 – 4th of September 2021
TImes: Tuesday – Saturday at 7:30PM // Sundays at 5:00pm



NAS (NASIR HUSAIN) : 40s – Male Identifying – South Asian 

A first generation Indian immigrant. Nas is a positive man and genuinely wants people to be as happy as he is. His exuberance and enthusiasm is contagious and can be felt as soon as you walk into his matchmaking agency – decorated as it is with bright pink walls, glittering saris, and posters of happy smiling couples. Nas’s achilles heel however, is that he is willing to overlook any negatives, including trouble in his own marriage, so taken as he is by a naïve optimism. And while his faith in love can be blinding it also hides a pain he is unwilling to confront. 

SALIMA: Playing Range Teen to 20s – Female Identifying – South Asian

A confident 15 year old who can’t imagine anything worse than having an arranged marriage herself, Salima is the glue that holds her parents marriage together.

She is also her father’s sounding board and often ends up advising him on matters that are far beyond her age.

Nas and Salima are close because he has been her primary carer from when she was a baby as Tasnim went back to work.

NB: Will also play Young Tasnim (18yo), Jane (20s), and others of varying ages.

BILL: 60s – Male Identifying – White

A retired teacher whose wife of 25 years died six years ago. He walks through Nas’s doors more out of curiosity than anything else. His latest girlfriend left him for a doggie hairdresser and he wants to see if Nas can help him find the joy that left his life once his wife died.

After a few minutes of talking to Nas, Bill realises that even if he doesn’t find love, he is sure to have fun going on the ride that Nas takes him on to find The One. He becomes Nas’s first client, but more than that he soon falls into the role of friend and confidant to Nas.

RICHARD/YOUNG NAS/HUSBAND/SON: Playing Range 20s to 30s  – Male Identifying – South Asian

Versatile actor required to play a series of clients of the Marriage Agency, A younger version of Nas, and Richard – a work colleague of Tasnim

TASNIM 30s  -Female Identifying – South Asian (*ROLE ALREADY CAST*)

A strong-willed, Indian-Australian woman who went along with her parents wishes and got married to Nas. She maybe a Muslim woman but you can’t tell that outwardly. She is the savvy counterpart to Nas’s naïve optimism. She is also the household breadwinner and a corporate fox. Work keeps her distracted from focussing in on her home life and her marriage.



Production Designer (Set and Costume) *Position Filled
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Stage Manager
Technical Operator