ONE HOUR NO OIL was programmed into Belvoir 25a’s 2020 Season in August and the season was postponed due to COVID-19. Further development is in the pipeline.


Bhing is a recent migrant and a trained school teacher but has been mending the battered bodies of Perth residents through pressure points and massage tradition to survive. Disenfranchised, anxious and forever sending his hard earned cash home, he yearns to move on to an industry that will excel him.

Scott, a miner pulled to the Pilbara by a captive pay packet and caught up in the FIFO cycle, arrives for his appointment full of tension and unreasonable demands to be fixed.

Through a series of massage appointments, the two bring their polarising values, expectations of male friendship and intimate secrets to the fore.

This new work interrogates the dilemmas of people of colour working within the Australian service industry, the complexity of toxic masculinity, and mental health within the mining work culture through an inventive theatrical language.


John Gomez Goodway
John Harding


Director Kenneth Moraleda
Writers  Kenneth Moraleda & Jordan Shea
Production Designer Isabella Andronos
Composer, Sound Designer and Musician Michael Toisuta
Lighting Designer Kate Baldwin
Stage Manager Jana Vass
Assistant Director Mat Lee